PCT Section O

The pictures I am posting here were taken when I hiked Section O of the PCT in Northern California this spring.  This is a lovely section of the trail that runs from Burney Falls State Park to Castle Crags State Park.  In a normal snow year, parts of this section would still be covered in snow, but this is not a normal snow year and there wasn’t a bit of snow to be found on the trail here this year.  The month of May was a wonderful time to hike it this year; the weather was outstanding.

IMG_20150502_162803880 IMG_20150503_131100393 IMG_20150503_131344574 IMG_20150503_142546937_HDR IMG_20150503_160515655 IMG_20150503_174041322 IMG_20150504_073814992_HDR IMG_20150504_073829086 IMG_20150504_084733671 IMG_20150504_084737419 IMG_20150504_155325793 IMG_20150504_165029596 IMG_20150505_065849909_HDR IMG_20150505_104517201 IMG_20150505_105926350 IMG_20150505_110323854 IMG_20150505_112050957 IMG_20150505_113405285 IMG_20150506_074155787 IMG_20150506_080319621 IMG_20150506_084911796 IMG_20150506_084916277 IMG_20150506_135333584_HDR IMG_20150506_140056436 IMG_20150506_140103083 IMG_20150506_172718647 IMG_20150506_172759607 IMG_20150507_081105315 IMG_20150507_081125030 IMG_20150507_094435034 IMG_20150507_112615145 IMG_20150507_112629671 IMG_20150507_123043812 IMG_20150507_123053205 IMG_20150507_154248630 IMG_20150508_123144104 IMG_20150509_080345348_HDR IMG_20150509_080351885 IMG_20150509_081340046

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